The beginners’ guide: 10 Things to avoid !


Life is only as complicated as we make it! So is cooking, it’s easier than we tend to make it look like. Sometimes you just need good cooking tips from someone who couldn’t make pasta 3 years ago!
Avoid basic cooking mistakes and don’t make your dinner turn into a disaster! 

1- Think you’re a genius and buy some time
Cooking is Patience, if the recipe says that you need to let the dish cook for 1 hour…Do not try to raise the temperature and cook it in 30 minutes! It doesn’t work like that; Trust me my poor burned pie proves it wrong!

2- The pan that handles 1kg can handle 2
By overloading your dish, the ingredients won’t be cooking on the same heat.  It won’t be homogenous. If you’re in a hurry, use a larger pan or an extra pan and save yourself from getting embraced by platting a half cooked dish!

3- Solis can work it out!
No more Solis as your pasta tomato sauce, it’s killing it! Use instead of it fresh tomatoes slowly cooked in a pan… It’s way more flavorful than any other canned tomato sauce!

4- The heat will unfreeze the meat right away
Before cooking meat, you’re supposed to let it sit out at room temperature, if not you may end up with the carbonized outside and raw inside believe. So dear foodies, please don’t you even try cooking frozen meat! 5- “the 2 in 1 theory’’ Both heating the pan and cooking

You don’t really want to have sticky food, scallop with no crust or pale meat. A hot pan is essential for sautéing veggies or making a great crust on meat or fish. It also helps prevent food from sticking. Well if you don’t mind about the crust, think twice about the tough scrubbing job while washing the left sticky meat off the pan later on.

6- No more salt… I don’t like it anyway!
Unless you wanted to feel how it’s like to eat hospital food, skipping the seasoning or forgetting to season your food as you cook will completely destroy your dish and leave you with a flavorless, unsavory result. It’s a huge harm to a meal that might have otherwise been really appetizing.

7- Afraid of hot oil burns, better fry food while it’s still cool
You love French-fries, but you can’t make the perfect crispy fries… Maybe because of the way you cut the potatoes or more unfortunately you couldn’t wait until the oil gets hot. As a result, food will absorb too much oil and become heavy and greasy if the oil isn’t hot enough.
PS: When using olive oil, you should never cook on high temperature It can alter the flavor and ruin your dish and your health.

8- Just set it and forget it 
You can’t be walking away while cooking, you have to keep checking it from time to time and also taste it as you go. Forget about your favorite Tv show and don’t get too deep into a facebook conversation… You don’t want to make the same mistake as I did a long time ago.

9- The more dressing the better a salad will be
Always remember, too much flavor kills flavor! Sinking your salad in too much dressing is the number one way to mess up your salad. It can completely destroy it !

10- I’m the worst cook ever… I’ll go and buy some food
Come on guys, don’t stress… stop thinking of cooking as an assignment and try to enjoy it. Believe in yourself, you can’t be good if you don’t try.


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