7 Tips for cooking management


You jump right into a recipe without knowing anything, you’re just hoping that you’ve got everything in the kitchen! Cross your fingers to end up on time cutting vegies before the onions and garlic overcook and burn. But then you realize that you just spoiled your dish!


A good chef is also a good manager… Here are  some tips that will make your cooking life even easier!



1- First, Read the recipe! 


Some of you tend to start a recipe without reading all of it, others tend to read it step by step as they execute it,try to read the whole reipe twice and make sure you’ve got everything  you need in your kitchen.


2- Always be one step ahead 
A good chef knows the next step even before taking it, The secret lies in cleaver pre-preparation and applying tip number 1.


3- Gather all the ingredients
Who ever went on a vacation without checking its backpack? The same thing goes for cooking! Before you start cooking gather everything you need before you start and check if you didn’t forget anything.


4- Minimize dishes


No one enjoys cleaning up dishes, so how about minimizing dishes. Instead of using 4 plates try as hard as you can to make it 2, or simply use smaller plates…


5-Clean as you go 


You don’t won’t to finish your dinner and end up with a montain of dishes to do. So, Instead of leaving all the plates and ustensiles somewhere to be cleaned later try to clean them step by step as you go.


6- Manage your time
There are always a few minutes here and there during cooking when you’re waiting for the pot to heat up or the pasta to get ready.. Use these spare minutes to do something else and gain time! 


7- Use leftovers 
Instead of throwing leftovers you can reuse them. For example, you can reuse the frying oil twice, leftover chicken can be turned into a  salad and you may also save your stale bread by turning it into a fancy ”pain perdu”.




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