5 recipes’ ideas with Leftovers

As a student who’s living along, I have this problem with leftovers. I tend to cook a big amount of food thinking that I will finish all of it but then I end up with an unfinished plate ( NO Mom isn’t gonna blame me for that… at least she won’t be reading this haha) .

Anyway, I’m sure that you have the same problem. So what if I told you that your leftover food can be turned into a fancy yummy dish? No one will figure out that it was basically last night’s dinner !

Check out this list of the things you can do with leftovers, Exciting isn’t it !!!

1- Chicken:

You can do so many things with chicken leftovers, you may eat it cold or heat it up again for a better taste. You get to chose:

Wanna take the healthy way? Make a chicken salad with anything you want! This one is an easy quick chicken tomato salad with cheese.

Wanna raise the level? Go for chicken tacos! it’s basicly eating a salad wraped in tacos wrap topped with a hot sauce 😀

2- Rice 

I eat rice a lot, it’s my subtitution for bread. My fridge always contains cooked rice, so I have always to figure out how to use it in a different maybe exotic way…
My solution for this one is by making stuffed vegies ( tomatoes or bell pepper …) using rice leftovers. It’s simple and easy to make ….

3-Bread :

When I was young,sundays’ morning were my favourite; My mom used to make French toast ( Pain
perdu) using bread leftovers and we would drink it with moroccan green tea. ( Sweet Memories)
So, everytime I’m making french toast it reminds me of home.

 4- Vegetables: 

Give your vegetables another chance by turning them into a vegies’ grattin. You can use any kind of vegetables you’ve got in your hand.

Add some cheese, maybe some past too et le tour est joué !

 5- Spaghetti: 

We saved for you the best for the last, this is the perfect way to use pasta leftovers is to make a pasta frittata with it !
We just love it !
Trust me It’s way more delicious than the original dish… You just need pasta, some eggs and coriander And feel free to add anything else you want. Let your imagination take over…



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