Moroccan Mint tea

Based on the request of a japanese instagram friend, this week will be all about Moroccan mint tea ! Tea is our moroccan sign of hospitality, if someone made you tea when you came by his house . You should feel lucky and loved!

This is more than a simple drink here in morocco, it’s a cultural tradition; it’s a part of our history and existance as moroccans.
The best part of it is that we can drink tea all day long; for breakfast with some melwi (moroccan pancakes) or a butter bread sandwish; for lunch with rosted lamp ” mechwi” and after lunch as a dessert drink!
It’s also perfect for the afternoon snack, I remember that my mom was making it everytime I come home from school… It’s kind of the ultimate drink!
If you were a tourist or a moroccan living far away from home craving for some moroccan taste or just a foodie who loves to discover new cultures; check these tips for making the perfect moroccan mint tea AKA “ATAY”!
To make a moroccan tea, you’ll need :
  • 2 tablespoons gunpowder green tea;
  • 2 tablespoons sugar or more if you like it to be sweet,
  • Some fresh mint leaves ( 10 at least)
  •  Teapot ( it’s alright if you don’t have the ”berrad”, you  can use another teapot).
First, boil some water then add the gunpowder to the teapot then one cup of boiling water: swich around and pour the water into a cup to save it… This cup of tea contains all the gunpowder flavor. Now; Pour another cup of water into the tea pot to wach way any strong flavor; then discard it
Now, it’s time to add the fresh mint and sugar.  Pour the first cup into the tea pot again and fill it with boiling water.
Put it on medium-low heat and bring it to boil to give the moroccan tea its special flavor.
When it’s ready, pour one cup of tea then pour it back… repeat a couple of times! This step will mix all the ingredients.
You may also, garnish it with some additional mint leaves…

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