Japaneese Egg roll:Tamagoyaki


I was really obssesed with japanese culture, I used to read mangas and watch animes all day long and dreaming about going to Japan at night… I took some classes in Karate and learned few words in japaneese… See How much I was obssessed with Japan !!

For this weeks’ receipe, I’ll introduce to you the special Japaneese recipe for egg roll AKA TAMAGOYAKI; It’s the common type of cooked eggs in Japanese cuisine, this dish is made by rolling together thin layers of egg in a  frying pan until you get a solid piece of rolled up egg.
It tastes great for breakfast!!!

Check the recipe with photos for each step !


All you need is 1 small sweet red pepper, fresh coriander, 3 eggs + black pepper and salt


Mix the eggs, the chopped coriander and the cubed pepper then season it
Whisk it together for 1 min


Add olive oil to grease the pan then pour enough mixture to make a thin layer;
Wait 2 to 3 min, roll it up then move the rolled layer in the middle of the pan.
Add more mixture, wait another 2 min and repeat untill there is no mixture left !


Cool down for 2 min then start cutting it into small pieces





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