Eggplant chips with Tektouka!

EGGPLANT is more than just a vegetable! it’s my favorite one! If I could, I would eat it everyday… It’s that kind of vegies that you can use in different and multiple ways.

Eggplants chips are my number 1 choice: You can make it in less than 15 min !
I have to be honest with you guys, that’s not a 100 % healthy recipe HAHA But you know sometimes you just need to go out from that healthy zone and try the regular food!  
Of course, you can’t eat eggplants chips without a sauce! (Well, technicaly you can but it’s more reasonable to make it with a special sauce, or a sidedish !! ) Ain’t nothing better than a typical original Tektouka to serve it with your chips.
Moroccan people won’t even recognize this original recipe, you know I used to think that tektouka is made with bell pepper and tomatos but that’s the ”modern” one …. When I visited my grandma, she made me this easy old recipe then told me that it’s the REAL and Old-OLDEST tektouka!  
So, to be sure of it (It’s not that I don’t trust grandma… ) I made a post on a facebook group called ”ma cuisine”, this group reunites thousands of moroccan women who like to cook… They told me that in Rif ( in the north of Morocco) Tektouka is only made with onions and tomatos!
All you need is:
1or 2 big eggplants
Vegetables Oil
Pinch of Salt
First of all, thinly slice the eggplant into rounds, salt it and dry it before frying it into Hot oil!
Watch out from getting burned and keep an eye on the frying eggplants, when you feel like the eggplant slices are golden brown turn to the other side.
To make this perfect moroccan dish, you’ll need :
1 Big Onion
2 small tomatoes
2 tbs Olive oil
pinch of salt and black pepper
1 garlic clove
First, cut the onion into two then slice it. In a pan, add 1 tbs olive oil then the sliced onion. Cover and cook it on low heat, don’t add salt right away! Wait until the onion becomes tender and it looses its juice… ( For about 10 to 15 min)
Meanwhile, Peel, unseed and chop the tomatoes into small cubes. In another pan, add one tbs olive oil then the cubed tomatoes, spice it and add garlic. Cook it on low heat for 10 min.
When both dishes are ready combine them… Cook for 2 min then serve it.
Since I was so hungry… I turned it into a sandwich! It was a delish *-*
This sandwich is made of fried eggplants, Taktouka, green olives and cheese! Perfection in one picture :3
Don’t forget to try out this recipe and let us know about it using the hashtag #thetaste0flife or simply by leaving a comment.
AS always, if you liked it then share it  !

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