DIY Recycle an Old Sweater

The weather is changing and this time of the year is just like all about being cozy and wearing sweaters 24/7!
So today I’m going to show you an easy-peasy way to re-use your boring sweater and turn it into some unique fall accessories!
Start by finding an old sweater; do not use a brand new sweater because you may regret it later!
Leg warmers:

All you have to do is to fold your sweater in half, take the scissors and cut the sleeves out depending on how long you like the warmers to be and that’s it! You can wear them under your tall or even short boots, they are super warm and they look so cute!

Infinity scarf:


Now when your sweater is kind of sleeveless, it’s time to transform the bottom half into a scarf!
Flip the sweater inside out, take the scissors again and cut right underneath your armpit area, my tip in this step is to glue down the edges with the glue gun or sew them to prevent the scarf from fringe; then put your sweater back in the side up and you’ll have a cozy/feminine infinity scarf!

 Fingerless gloves:

If you still have a portion from the sleeves, enjoy turning it into a pair of fingerless gloves! All you have to do is put them on and see where you want to cut the hole for your thumb after that cut a little half circle on the edge then you can wear it as it or you can spice it up even more by sewing a little chain in the top edge and adding some pears just to look pretty … Then you are finished!
I hope you like these simple/easy ideas and if you recreate any of them, make sure to share it with us using #thetaste0flife


Stay warm and happy fall! 
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