10 shades of Breakfast !

You’ll relate to this for sure ! At least one of them…

1- The whole package please!

 It puts together salty-sugary-acidic food!   Those who love this type of breakfast are not  sure which food to choose; their motto is ”if you can’t select then choose the whole package! ” 

2- Sunday morning!

Olives have bitter taste and they’re very #healthy! For this kind of breakfast, you would take your time to taste the olive bitterness… it’s perfect for long sundays’ morings! No work, No tensions, it’s just you and the olives … 


3- Home alone!


Sweets +  cookies + candies + sugar overload= HOME ALONE!
Single boys living far away from home would relate to this … too lazy to make a proper breakfast, they just jump out of bed and take cookies… the easiest option for harried morings but also the fastest way to get diabetes!


4- Back to school!


Grap your backpack and books, this breakfast is all about Toasts that you’ll probably forget in the toaster…still! you’ll spread them with nutella ( after taking a couple of Nutella spoons…).


Heat the milk that will boil over the stove… Burn yourself while drinking the milk that you won’t finish for sure, and finaly take away the milk’s taste by drinking orange juice but mostly to cool down the burns….


5- GO Vegan!

Whether you’re vegan for health reasons, moral choice or you’re just trying to follow the new trend #vegan ! Your kind of breakfast will be like: oatmeal, fruits, soy milk… No regular milk, No cheese, No eggs, No white sugar, No cakes, No orange juice ( unless it’s pure… OK seriously?)…. NO... NO….


6- Allergic to mornings!

If you totaly relate to this: Probably the first thing you think about is coffee,  you’re far away from being a morning person and you don’t need me to tell you that; But coffee is litteraly taking over your life!
Warning for the morning people, don’t you ever try to start a conversation with a non morning person at 8 am!


7- International LOVE!

Foreign breakfasts, from the french ”pain perdu” or crêpes to the japaneese “tamagoyaki”… Maybe you prefer Going british (white beans) or going turkish (tomatoes and other vegies…)

if you relate to this then you’re most likely to be curious and brave to try new things and ways in life. Or you’re just madly in love with a particular culture!

8- Guilty pleasure!

Dark Chocolate fuels happiness, you’re aware that your relationship with chocolate is wrong. You keep it for the simple reason that you can’t end it, but maybe it’s not that wrong!
Cheer up chocolate lovers;  Studies proved that eating a certain amount of chocolate can be healthy. In fact, chocolate contains a wide assortment of vitamins and minerals that the body needs! 


9- Dinner is the new breakfast! 

It’s seems crazy but it’s not different from eating breakfast for dinner… Sometimes people can eat their yesterday’s dinner, not for lunch but as a breakfast LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! 
Shout out to all those who will eat anything at anytime without knowing if it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner… they have no concept of TIME and we love it ! 

10- Oldschool never dies!

Well, if you having this kind of breakfast then you’re finaly home on a vacation, or your celebrating eid  Haha.  Anyways, This is the most enjoyable typical moroccan breakfast that you’re only eating when you’re at your parents’ house: Homemade baghrir, meloui, bread and krichlat! Not to mention the perfect moroccan mint tea :3

This makes me wanna go and make some baghrir for afternoon… Craving for home taste!

So which kind breakfast do you take? Let us know in a comment below or share it with your friends using the hashtag #thetaste0flife 



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