Sweet Caramelized popcorn

I remember the first time I’ve ever eaten sweet caramelized popcorns. It was at a supermarket in Casablanca, shoping sounded less boring  thanks to the feeling of pure joy after eating those sweet little things!
Everytime, it left my mouth feeling like I just licked a spoon of honey! ( I adore honey :3 ) I just can’t stop eating it; it’s another addiction to add to my long list of addictions strating with chocolate…

Anyway, It’s been a while since I have not tasted it, and so I’ve decided to try making it on my own!

Let’s get started!!


  • For the popcorn:

3 tbs vegetables oil
1/3 cup pop corn kernels

  • For the caramel:

25g butter
2 to 3 tbs sugar
2 tbs honey
pinch of salt



  1.  Heat the oil in a saucepan.
  2. Put 3 or 4 pop corn kernels in the pan, cover and  wait until they pop up. Then add the rest of kernels.
  3.  Cover and remove from the heat! In 30 seconds, all the kernels will pop up.
  4. Start making the caramel, melt the butter, add sugar and honey and let it cook on fire until it gets golden brown.
  5.  When ready, carefully pour the hot mixture over the popcorns.

Enjoy !! 






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