Avocado boats

Hey guys, it’s me again! It’s been a while since I have not posted articles, I’m passing my final exams xd you know the struggle…
So it happened that I just passed the most incredible , mind blowing exam … The funny-sad thing is that I couldn’t even understand the questions! it stands for the whole class 😀 At least I’m not the only one haha
Anyway, As for this receipe that I’ve made it last week : It’s called avocado boats ! I made it for my family, my little sister Chada, who hates Avocado, couldn’t stop eating it!! 

All you need is:

4 avocados
2 small potatos ( or 1 big)
some Chicken
salt and pepper

First put the potatoes ( with peel on) into cold water to start, then bring to a boil. That way the potatoes cook more evenly. Let it cook for 17 min
Meanwhile, cook the spiced chicken in a preheated pan ( with olive oil) . ( 10 min on medium heat)
When the potatos are cooked, peel and mash them using a fork. Add butter,milk and beat until the mashed potatoes are smooth. 
Now take your pitted avocadoes and pour some vinegar into it then top them with the purée and chicken ( add some cheese if you want) 
Serve it cold 😀 



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