My sister and I have this crazy relationship in which you get into fights all the time and then pretend that nothing happens, have you ever experienced that? I mean imagine yourself fighting over the TV or the last piece of a chocolate cake! Isn’t it frustrating but somehow lovely because we know that no matter what happens we have each other’s back! My sister Chada is very unique, I consider her to become a better person than I am ( lucky her she has the best master ever hahah just kidding).
 But even thought we always fight over silly things, when it comes to food we agree! So Chada asked me to make some Pancakes and of course she would help me with it!                          At first I used to tell her ” watch and learn sis ” But then I remembered how I felt back then when I was young and my mother would tell me ” just watch, we don’t want you to start a mess” . I felt that I would never cook and I nearly beleived it until 2 years ago… So I guess she’s grown enough to make a mess and learn from it!
So before starting the making of crêpes we have a rituel: We first have to gather the ingredients !
20 cl Milk
2 big eggs
2 tbs melted butter
2 tbs sugar
200g flour
25g baking powder
Pinch of salt
1-Take the dry ingredients and add the other ingredients.
2-Let it rest for a while
3-cook it in a non stick hot pan.
4- Serve it with your favorite fruit and some honey!



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