COUSCOUS : How to eat it in 6 ways!

When I was a child, my grandma used to make couscous for us every week…We could smell it from miles away ( I kind of exaggerated), but seriously no one would ever forget that smell… It defines our childhood!

My grandma would always leave a part of the steamed couscous dry so that we can eat it later as a “Saykouk”… This tradition is sill running in our family, but instead of making saykouk with couscous leftover I managed to take it into a whole other level…  And so I discovered other ways to use couscous!

First, I will introduce to you the two common ways of using dry couscous and then get ready to be stunned with the 3 original modern couscous recipes.

1-  Couscous with buttermilk: “Saykouk” 
Saykouk is a popular dish here in Morocco, it’s basically couscous with buttermilk.
This dish is usually served cold to help battle the heat. I found it pretty refreshing especially when it’s hot outside… (  in summertime)
2-  Sweet Cousous:
This one is my favorite, it can boost our metabolism and help us fight fatigue. It’s the perfect snack after gym, once you try it you feel alive again !
So the idea is mixing butter, sugar and cinnamon all together with couscous… It goes perfetly with a glass of milk.

 So, lately I’ve been telling my grandma that Couscous have all what it takes to be turned into a salad. She didn’t beleived me when I said it, she thought that I was joking.
 It’s difficult to make older people realize that couscous can be turned into a delicious salad… Especially if you lived your whole life thinking that couscous is the one crowned with vegies which you eat on Fridays…
3- Mango & Cucumber salad Couscous 
This is the perfect summer recipe: refreshing, colorful and exotic. It surely brings a modern twist to the original recipe!
It was the first recipe that I published here on the blog and the feedback was great! Everybody loved the idea and even tried it at home…
 If you have not seen it yet, go and check my recipe for Mango & Cucumber Couscous  
4- Tomato Couscous salad: Tunisian style ( Tabboula)

For those who like to mix flavors, try this easy salad. It’s made of cherry tomatoes, corn coriander and dry raisins.

It looks messy?
Trust me it will be perfect after adding the vinaigrette. The special vinaigrette will link each ingredient and create a well balanced flavor!
PS: the vinaigrette is the same as the one in the recipe 3 ( Mango & cucumber couscous)
5- Couscous with Tomato sauce:
This one was supposed to be a couscous with Harissa, but I hate the spicyness in Harissa…
So, I chose to turn it into a couscous with tomato sauce!
The sweetness of green bell pepper makes a great mix with chikpeas and the tomato sauce.
As a tomato sauce lover, this one was definitely the best way to taste it.

6- Couscous Sushi: 

This recipe was inspired from Japan, It’s the moroccan kind of sushis! 
I was reading about japanese cuisine and I just came up with this crazy idea… So feel free to add anything to your steamed couscous, maybe you can turn the couscous salad into couscous salad ROLL 😀 Go crazy ! Be wild in the kitchen … then you just roll your mixture using a plastic roll freeze it and cut it into small pieces…  For more details chech the recipe
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