Eggplant & cheese Rolls

 Women’s day youhou! I just woke up and expected to receive roses ( which I did on my dreams haha) Went to school, I was waiting for someone to wish us a great day… It didn’t happen! Well, at least a girl wished me a happy women’s day 😀 It feels like a women’s solidarity day … Anyway, when I came back home I thought about celebrating this beautiful journey by making the most amazing recipe !!!

How can it not be Amazing when you’re combining cheese and eggplants ! It makes a terrific combo…Check out this amazing recipe that will make you enter the kitchen and cook it :3



  • 1  zucchini
  • 1  big eggplant
  • 2 Tbls olive oil
  • some cream cheese


Cut eggplant lengthways into  slices.

Thinly slice zucchini stems and Set aside.

Spray a pan with  oil and heat on high. Cook eggplant slices for 2-3 mins each side, until softened. Set aside to cool.

Heat half of oil in a frying pan on medium. Cook zucchini stem for 2-3 mins. Fold through cheese and season well. Transfer to a bowl and set aside to cool.

Lay eggplant on a flat surface and  Spoon cheese mixture over it and roll up to enclose.

Enjoy !



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