POPCORN yogurt Parfait

I’ve always liked making Caramelized popcorns but there is a particular memory that I do remember whenever I make sweet popcorns! I remember that one time when I tried to lick the hot burning caramel with my finger… I put my little finger right on a spoon that had just been dipped in HOT caramel! Obviously, it did burn my finger…Horrifically! The worst part of it is that instead of whipping away that sticking caramel, I was litteraly jumping off my feet!  I mean could my reflex be worse?

I had a second degree burn and you don’t really want to know how it feels…So, the lesson to be learnt here is to never touch hot caramel and if you ever do by mistake, quickly plunge that finger into cool water, not ice!

How to make caramelized popcorns?

Luckily those sweet popcorns taste good enough to make up for that angry red spot glowing on my finger! If you don’t know how to make caramelized popcorns click here and if you do just continue reading.



  • Caramelized poporn
  • 1 cup yogurt
  • Some Speculoos ( or cookies or cornflakes)


  1. In your serving glass,  layer 1/2 cup yogurt, speculoos, then the remaining yogurt.
  2. Top with caramelized popcorn

Easy isn’t it? 13101191_804837089649063_1199484324_n


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