A story of bread & love


 Friday, 17 Mars 2017

Growing up in a modest family, I surely knew how to apreciate little things… Back then, joy was spreading butter on a piece of bread and drinking mint tea; the only elements that can compete all kind of chocolate and win the battle…Every bite represented an elaborate ritual that engages the five senses, a process of enjoying the soft melting butter, the crispy tosated bread and the sweetness of tea! The smell of aromas, dancing lighltly across the air…

As a child, eating has never been a spiritual moment, it was more of a way to sating a hungry stomach… But, somehow, I’ve never thrown away bread like I used to do with other food; I’ve never left it on the side of a plate or switched it with my father’s… I’ve never felt the rush to finish it; I ate to live but I lived to enjoy eating bread!

 I guess that it’s a Moroccan thing, because we all share a BREAD love story! It’s the tale of millions of Moroccans, a typical love story that stood the test of time… But I’m pretty sure that it’s universal? I would love to hear yours; how do you enjoy eating bread?


While making this recipe, I felt more nostalgic than ever; This recipe has a modern switch but a depth that cannot be ignored… I made a camembert toast with caramel and walnuts, all inspired from my childhood. I must say that the toast had a vintage style, using caramel on top of camembert wasn’t a random choice; it was a way to find balance between the sour, chalky taste of camembert and the sweetness of caramel and walnuts..

Camembert is one of my favorite types of cheese, it’s a creamy and earthy French cheese with a bloomy rind; A strongly-flavored cheese with a rustic moody vibe! I usually savour it with some pickles, cherry tomatoes and smoked turkey

What I love the most about mixing flavors is combining all kind of tastes to have a unique unexplained one; That’s why I wanted to go for a sweet- sour combo by adding caramel… I could have easily added Honey instead, but I wanted a strong honey flavored caramel that lasts longer… With each single bite, the caramel melts, the sweetness dissolves in one’s mouth and intensifies when you take your time.

I made my caramel by only using sugar and honey, no butter nor water was added… I cooked it on low heat til it was golden brown!

This recipe needed the “WOW” Factor, I imagined a complex taste that is earthy and tart… All that I could think about is adding walnuts, it has a complexity that can be unified in a perfectly balanced dish! It makes everything tasts better than before, it balances out the dish to achieve a more uniform flavor in between two extremes.

I enjoyed my creation, and I think that you might like it too. Try it out and let me know!




One thought on “A story of bread & love

  1. I’ve tried this one, I may have made a mess out of that caramel shapes hahaha but it came out well in the end. This is my new addition to my breakfast menu, a solid one to get me through the day ! Thank you for this lovely recipe :3


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