Fruit tartlet featuring”Jben”

Hey food lovers,

I’ve been away lately; some might have thought that I quitted the blogging once for all. But, I’m just dealing with so many issues that I don’t have time for my favorite pastime: Cooking & blogging.

So, the time that I took made me evaluate my work and I realized that I should focus less on food and maybe try a new type of blogging… Don’t worry, I will be still a food blogger but with a different dimension; I mean, the intro part could be dedicated for my recent travels, new experiences or an event or someone’s work that is worth sharing.

Last week, I went to “the Andalusian Gardens” located within “the Oudayas Kasbah” which is one of Rabat’s proudest features. Don’t be misguided by its name, the gardens were actually designed by a French architect in the twentieth century who was influenced by the beauty of Andalucía and the typical fragrances reminiscent of Alhambra.

I have to say that its water features, fountains and gardens make a shady retreat on hot days, besides the tearoom (Café Maure ), next to the gardens, offers a wonderful view off the Bouregrag  river!

What I loved the most is the overall décor and architecture quietly kept intact… But it’s disappointing to witness the deterioration of its plants; it gave me the impression that these gardens were in some way abandoned. The gardens were not taken care of as it’s supposed to be; thus, only the big fruit trees survived the weather!


Despite the few critics, I strongly recommend visiting this site after a long day of exploring Rabat! By the way, have you ever visited the Andalusian garden in Rabat or Andalucía? Can you spot the similarities between the the two spots?

Anyway, let’s switch into the food mode…As you know, I am chicken hearted when it comes to baking! I always have this feeling that it won’t worked out as I imagine it to be. But, can you believe that I took so many risks when I made this fruity tart? Today, you’ll get to read how a girl with no experience at baking could make a tart out of scratch!


Obviously, a “baker” should have a complete set of molds … But that’s not the case for me or for a regular person who doesn’t bake often! I always thought that “need” is a source of miracles, and I needed that tart… So, I couldn’t help myself but think of a substitute!

I used mini Tagines from my mom’s collection to work as molds, as we know, Tagines are made from clay and they can endure high temperatures But the tartelette would stick right? Luckily, the one that I used are made from ceramic, it’s exactly similar to a gratin dish but in a shape of Tagine ( which I don’t mind) haha What I loved about using them, is that it prevents the tart bottom from burning as it equaly and gently spreads the heat all over the tart base.

The second issue was: What would I use to fill the tartelette? Since, I am too lazy to go out and buy fresh cream… I thought about using an available ingredient in our kitchen, which is Jben ( Same as Ricotta cheese). And I did not regret making that choice!!! The mini tarts turn out to be light and consistent in the same time…. With a hint of lemon and mint combined with the sweetness of fresh fruits, the flavors were out of this world!

2 12 cups flour12 cup cocoa powder1 teaspoon baking soda12 teaspoon salt1 cup butter, softened2 cups sugar4 eggs1 cup sour 12 cup 1 bottle Red Food Color2 teaspoons Vanilla E







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