#Louz Review

Hey foodies,

If you are following me on instagram, then I am pretty sure that you’ve seen last weekend’s story. I have been lucky enough to receive a box from #Louz. As I explained, #Louz is a pop up store which would be available during Ramadan.

The story of Louz is quite impressing, it rises from the golden ashes of Nina ( which used to mainly serve meatballs). It Connects personally with its customers and provides the ideal environment to create new and memorable experiences.

You might ask yourself about the meaning of Louz, take a closer look and think of a versatile nut from Iran… A dried fruit that is essential for Moroccan pastries? Think in ARABIC and you will figure it out all by yourself.

Yes! Louz is the arabic word  that stands for Almonds… So, obviously, all of the pastries served by this pop up store includes almonds. But the best part of it this that, all of their products are homemade and Lactose free!! ( I knooow, AWESOME)

The mistery box contained 4 “frangipanes briochées”, some Nougat (almond and caramel bars), and Feqas ( the moroccan sweetheart).  But let’s be honest, almonds can be the main ingredient of endless pastries; Thus, their Menu has more recipes than one can imagine.

  • Truffle with almonds and caramel;
  • Massepains ( My fav);
  • Macaroons ( My super fav);
  • Almond-Choco sticks
  • Biscuit ( Salty and sweet)
  • Cat’s tongue cookies ( with chocolate)
  • Butter cookies ( Sablé)
  • Chbakia
  • Ghribas

A wild range of dessert able to bring life to your Ftour Table and perfect to surprise your loved ones with!!

As for me, I have been lucky enough to taste their Homemade “Frangipanes Briochées”. It’s a sort of brioche (the intersection of bread, cake, and pastry) filled with the famous  French Frangipanne (almonds cream). By choosing this product, you may have 4 choices:

-The classic: which only contains Almonds.

-The Choco-Louz: for chocolate lovers.

-The Louz & Lemon: For an edgy taste,

-The Louz & Cinnamon: If you’re looking for a rich flavor ( my number one)

I know, It can be hard to choose … My advice is to get everything labeled #Louz haha

I saved the Nougas and Feqas for later… So after our First Ftour in Morocco, I was craving for a sweet taste ( my everyday situation after drinking Harira…) Lucky me, the Nougas were my savior!!! The sweetness of homemade Caramel doesn’t overpower the almonds… The crunchiness is just perfect and the almonds are fresh ( You could feel it).




@Louzpopup is very active on Instagram, you might want take a look at it for a foretaste… They have an excellent service, so don’t you hesitate to contact them for a delivery by calling the following number;

0620262150 or 0661296902

Fell, also, free to check into their lovely store in Casablanca!



















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