Homemade Brioche

Happy Saturday Everyone,

So it’s been a week since we started fasting the Holly Ramadan in Morocco. I have been experiencing so many new recipes everyday… I am trying to follow a healthy life style by avoiding Deep-fried foods.  They are unhealthy because they tend to be very high in fat and calories wich increases risk for numerous health problems. I know you may often find yourself tempted by foods deep-fried; They may be tasty, but they are definitely not healthy! So I am switching my fried pan for the oven instead, it’s such a game changer! I am curious to know your life style during Ramadan? Have you succeded the healthy life stye challenge?

Have I mentionned that I finished my internship in Rabat? All I want right now is to go back to Tangier, and visit once again the Kasbah Museum!  It brings together an amazing number of exhibits tracing Morocco’s history.

It includes finds from the ancient time covering early history when Berbers ( the native people) were living safe and sound, when the Roman inhabited once the lands of Morocco and ‘New Era’ of its Modern History which has partly influenced its culture in religious orientation.

In this article I am mainly talking about the traditional courtyard garden of the museum, It’s a hidden Jem in the middle of the Kasbah. You, Unconsciously,  feel liketrespassing time and space while crossing the gate doot to the gardens. What I loved the most about it is its simplicity yet impressive sophistication! The paths, the doors, the plants, the floor and the genral architecture of the garden is such a perfection…

We should thank The sultan Moulay Ismael for thinking about buildng the Kasbah. After having expelled the English from Tangier, he has ordered to construct the Kasbah with this garden at the end of the XVIIth century to protect the town against further invasions. Now, it’s one of my favorite places to escape the Medina noise and enjoy a good hour of meditation.

So I promissed myself to go back there and I might also bring with me some brioches (’cause I am always hungry). So, I am pretty sure that you’ve been waiting for the recipe since you saw me making it on my instagram story a while ago.

So, Brioche is the classic French yeast bread that’s rich, golden and delightfully tender with a milky flavor that makes you feel like a kid taking a snack after waking up from a nap. I mean look at those braids, the texture is PERFECT… Each bite is divine.

The dough is enriched with milk, sugar, eggs and butter and it is not difficult to make, absolutely workable! Honestly, I am horrified of the idea of working with yeast… It feels like the dough will fail to rise ( which is a nightmare!! ). Luckily, I took a huge step by perfectly making these Brioches.

Gathering and measuring the ingredients is such a decisive part for me, because if I ever forgotten a single one; I am pretty sure that it will be too late when I realize it… Menwhile, I kept checking the room’s temperature, the windows and the doors ( close or turn off every source of air because it will prevent the bread from rising).

Indeed, the dough should be placed in a warm place protected from any source of air (between 20 and 30°C). The ideal is25 °C (knowing that the dough rises very slowly even in the fridge at 4 °C). But Do never reach 40 ° C  because the yeast will die.

Another Aspect to keep in mind is that you sould Keep working the dough until you don’t feel any salt or yeast granules left, it should be elastic and doesn’t stick to your fingers.

You might wanna keep this recipe for later, it’s totally doable!!!

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