DIY Carved Pumpkin

It’s Halloween; time to see those spooky treats, ghostly makeup tutorials and scary costumes all over the internet.


To be honest, we don’t celebrate Halloween but.. because I’m a huge lover of DIYs and even a bigger fan of those glowing carved pumpkins, I’ve been wishin to carve a pumpkin so I took Halloween as a great excuse to create a pumpkin décor! 
Just to not be in that “BOO Halloween” mood and get so festive I wanted to do something a little bit different, so instead of making the famous Jack-O-Lantern character that’s having a big part on You-Tube tutorials, I wanted to create this cute yet not too spooky carved pumpkin.
Without further ado let’s start by the things you’ll need for this DIY:
  • Pumpkin
  • Power drill and drill bit
  •  Barbecue Skewer if you can’t use a drill
  •             knife
  •             Spoon or a scooping spoon 
  •             Marker
  •         Candle to create the glow

STEP 1: Hollowing the pumpkin
This was my best part until I heard about the Trypophobia (try not to Google it because you’ll regret it the rest of your life!) Anyways,  start by drawing a circle on the top of the pumpkin using the marker then  with a knife start cutting the top following the circle you’ve just made. You can use a carving knife, it’s more easy!

STEP2: Scoop out the insides  
With the scooping spoon, remove the seeds and try not to press hard on the sides. This may seems disgusting for some of you but think of it as you’re scooping ice-cream! Close enough Haha
 STEP3: Draw the pattern
Now when your pumpkin is ready, take the marker and plan your favorite pattern. I love flowers, that why I chose to make a floral pattern and I used a tape as a guide for an exact measurement.
Here comes the hard part, start drilling using different bits that match your pattern (I feel like I wrote the world pattern a hundred times haha) and if you don’t have a power drill, you can use a barbecue skewer… But let me tell you that it’s messier, takes time and more effort but it’s totally worth it!
STEP5: Make it GLOW
It’s finally time to light your pumpkin up! You can either use glow sticks or candles to make your pumpkin glowing


And you’re done!
Do you celebrate Halloween? let us know your thoughts bellow! #thetaste0flife
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DIY Recycle an Old Sweater

The weather is changing and this time of the year is just like all about being cozy and wearing sweaters 24/7!
So today I’m going to show you an easy-peasy way to re-use your boring sweater and turn it into some unique fall accessories!
Start by finding an old sweater; do not use a brand new sweater because you may regret it later!
Leg warmers:

All you have to do is to fold your sweater in half, take the scissors and cut the sleeves out depending on how long you like the warmers to be and that’s it! You can wear them under your tall or even short boots, they are super warm and they look so cute!

Infinity scarf:


Now when your sweater is kind of sleeveless, it’s time to transform the bottom half into a scarf!
Flip the sweater inside out, take the scissors again and cut right underneath your armpit area, my tip in this step is to glue down the edges with the glue gun or sew them to prevent the scarf from fringe; then put your sweater back in the side up and you’ll have a cozy/feminine infinity scarf!

 Fingerless gloves:

If you still have a portion from the sleeves, enjoy turning it into a pair of fingerless gloves! All you have to do is put them on and see where you want to cut the hole for your thumb after that cut a little half circle on the edge then you can wear it as it or you can spice it up even more by sewing a little chain in the top edge and adding some pears just to look pretty … Then you are finished!
I hope you like these simple/easy ideas and if you recreate any of them, make sure to share it with us using #thetaste0flife


Stay warm and happy fall! 
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DIY Fall Room Décor

I don’t know about you guys but I love redecorating my room and  whenever the season changes I like to spice up my room a little bit to make it festive so while it’s almost autumn, what’s better than warming up your space by adding your handmade feature and make it look  cozy aka autumnal!So this is going to be my first room decoration article where I’m going to be showing you some ways to make a cozy looking bedding so I hope you like it!


The first DIY is a wall art and it’s great if you have a boring wall
The things you’ll need:


Black cord
Printed bird silhouettes
Double sided tape
You can even draw the shape of some birds and paint the inside black or you can go easy as I did, search with Google image: Birds Silhouettes choose your favorites, print and cut them. Then take the black cord and put it across your wall and here comes the fun part, put the double sided tape in the back of each silhouette, remove the plastic and stick the birds into the wall, feel free to stick them as you want.. You can put some over the cord, make others flying..And when you are happy with the placement, make sure to secure them with more tape so they won’t fall down. And you are almost done! 
The bed is the focal point in any bedroom so when I’m redecorating my room, I like to accent it with a new bed linen that will boost my decorating theme and for this season I chose an orange floral bed sheet for a feminine / cozy look.
The next DIY is the glowing headboard…
The lighting will help to create and set a particular moodand all you need for this is some fairy lights or Christmas lights, hang it around your headboard for a glowing look, it willlight it up and adda touch of fall cozy looking to your bedding Also I like to put the lighting over my mirror as a fancy frame
And that’s it for today’s article
If you try any of this fall room décor ideas, share it with us, we like to see your recreations! #thetaste0flife 
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